“Music is feeling and feelings have no borders”


Rashawn “BLKZEN” Wilkinson is an artist, producer, performer, composer, sound designer, sound engineer, and visual artist. Born and raised in NYC, Zen was brought up in a Guyanese household by immigrant parents with diverse taste in music. From a young age, Zen began his exploration of sound. He blends a variety of musical influences and cultures to create a unique world of sound. Zen loves to ignite the energy of crowds, bring tears to listener’s eyes, and everything in between. Zen fuses genres like hip-hop, reggae, r&b, japanese music, orchestra, punk, edm, etc in what he describes as his musical toolbox. “Each genre has it’s own set of tools. I love to explore and find new tools because I can bring them all back into my toolbox to build sounds that have never been heard before”, says BLKZEN. With more than 10 years of experience under his belt, BLKZEN has learned the rules of sound well enough to break them in ways that make sense.

Zen has collaborated with celebrity artists such as Big Freedia, Musiq Soulchild, Arod, Dyme-A-Duzin, Lia Givenchy and others. He has worked with reputable companies and brands such as Verzuz, Ridge Productions, NHK Cosmo, Universal Music Japan, and Fuse TV just to name a few. BLKZEN performs at major venues in NYC, Decentraland (Metaverse) LA, ATL, Miami, Massachusetts, Tokyo, and several other locations. Aside from this, BLKZEN has created a production company geared towards helping music creators listen to their unique, inner voice.