By: Raheem Kirkling

For this week’s Artist Spotlight, we have an East Paulo Alto, CA native Mobbin101. Heavily influenced by Nipsey Hustle, GCarter1300 and a few others, Mobbin101 is a talented rap/hip-hop artist that illustrates the grit and finesse of the streets. He has appearances with hiphopsince1987 Magazine, collaborations with Soulja boys SODMG camp, San Quinn, and has been a trending artist on Apple News and

Mobbin101 has two songs that made it onto the Mezz Music Monday playlist titled “Circles” and “W.H.O.” These tracks are a must listen. For more information on Mobbin101, click the links below!

Mobbin101 Spotify:

Mobbin101 Instagram:

Mezz Music Monday Spotify Playlist: