Maria Gargiulo, former party girl turned lifestyle health coach, is in the business of helping others find their happiness through health and fitness. For years, Maria found herself answering to everyone but herself. She worked four jobs, excessively drank and ate, and focused solely on living for the weekends. After coming out of a 6-year relationship, she realized she had no idea who she was. She’d had enough.

She decided she needed to focus on herself and her dreams or she would never be happy. She started changing her habits and adapting to a healthier lifestyle. For the first time, she felt strong and focused. Then, she found her true passion: helping other women become the best version of themselves. She got her NASM and CPT certifications and creates custom meal and workout plans that fit the unique lifestyle of her clients. Now, she’s living the life of her dreams and wants to share that joy with women around the world.

For more Maria, visit her website and Instagram @maria_g_fit