Mezz Music Monday Feature: Saneit

By: Savaun Brown

Up-and-coming Chicago R&B artist, Saneit, occupied three spots on this week’s Mezz Music Monday playlists; firstly with “You Don’t Have To Worry,” once again with “Prove Me Wrong,” and lastly with “Nothing Like Them.” While the young and ambitious singer seems to have built up quite the discography over the years, she holds these three submissions extremely close to her heart. There are recurring themes within her catalog; mostly consisting of love and relationships. She passionately and soulfully chants about their various effects (toxic and wholesome) on one’s well-being, providing her audience with a glimpse of her personal experiences of the past and present.

Out of her three playlist placements, Saneit felt most intensely for her latest single, “Nothing Like Them.” She describes this piece as “sexy, seductive, and sensational;” a trio of qualities that are immensely evident throughout the track. When asked about her inspiration and the creative process, she answered without hesitation, “this song came from pure, genuine love. I was inspired by a former relationship.” She continues, “I was definitely high off of love when I made this. Most of my songs I create in studio, I freestyle my way through a song and then structure it,” but “[‘Nothing Like Them’] is much more mature than my other[s]. I feel like I’m elevating personally and it’s being applied musically.”

Although currently in LA, Saneit aspires to reach a crowd far beyond the West Coast. She recently braided Missy Elliot’s hair for the American Music Awards and plans to use opportunities as such to network and expand her audience. She claims that her “main goal at the moment is to attract new listeners” and grow her fan base. She feels as if her “name is getting out there,” but she “could reach so much further.”

Anticipate new music from Saneit. But until then, keep listening to “You Don’t Have to Worry,” “Prove Me Wrong,” and “Nothing Like Them,” available on all platforms! Also be sure to check out the Mezz Monday playlist on SoundCloudYoutube, and Spotify!