Mezz Music Monday Feature: Searching for Sergio

By: Devin Kennedy

If you’re searching for your new favorite artists, look no further than the Mezz Music Monday playlist, which allows creatives to share their music and promote their songs to a brand new audience. For this week’s feature, we’re highlighting Searching For Sergio, an up-and-coming band whose song “Stay Away” appeared on one of our recent playlists. 

The band’s two members, Roger and Fursey, had been making music together for years before the band fully formed towards the end of the pandemic. The addition of members Jay and Dan completed their sound and brought together what is now Searching For Sergio. They constantly draw inspiration from one another, saying that their individual backgrounds in self-producing and experience with multiple instruments has made it so “this sharing of style has become quite deep rooted.” 

“Stay Away” was recently chosen for the Mezz Music Monday playlist due to the calming beat and compelling vocals that meld perfectly together. When asked about the inspiration for the song, they revealed there isn’t a simple answer. It took a while for the band to record the song in a way that would live up to their vision, which an audience can now enjoy. The chill style creates a relaxing vibe that every type of listener will love.

While we highly recommend you check out “Stay Away,” the band also recently released their first single as a whole band called “Unsettled.” As a band, they range in style and sound, so be sure to also check out the first song released under Searching For Sergio titled “Stumbling Blocks.” Each song shows off a different side of their music and allows them to be enjoyed by all sorts of listeners. 

Be sure to listen to Searching For Sergio on Spotify and to follow the band on their social media platforms! You can also discover more music on this week’s Mezz Music Monday playlist. To check out more artists’ stories like this one, be sure to read other features on our blog, and if you’re an artist yourself, don’t miss the opportunity to submit your music to our playlists for a chance to be featured!

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