Mezz Music Mondays Feature: Saint Nikk and eden

April 30, 2022

For this week’s Mezz Music Mondays, we’re doing a double-feature on artists eden and Saint Nikk and with their song “bag$”.

Both artists grew up playing music and learning instruments at an early age. Eden began playing music when he was 13, playing the drums all throughout middle school. He says, “Once I got to high school is where I really started taking music more seriously, not only in band but also listening to more diverse music which eventually led me down a path of writing to instrumentals of songs I liked.” On a similar track, Saint Nikk started learning guitar when he was 7. He also played in his middle school band and was always a part of his church choir. Similar to eden, High school is when he started taking his music seriously, saying, “In high school, that’s when I started writing poems freestyling with the homies and eventually just started rapping and singing and fell deeper in love with beefing and artist.”

“bag$” has a lot of different elements from pop, to trap, to hip hop that fits the musical style of artists like Corpse or Night Lovell. Originally, they both said that the song started off differently, as they lost the original file for the song. eden says, “Originally we had another file that was lost, so we went back and had [producer] Maestro use the same sample on a beat he made and the song was done in about a day or so.” 

Saint Nikk and eden are such a great pair because they write music very similarly, based on flow and the beat. The first thing they both do is listen to the beat and hear the flow they want to use. Saint Nikk says, “I catch every subtle change in the kicks or where the 808s are hitting the best and I take a mental note of that. I develop my pockets of where I want a punchline to come in or if I just want to flow with the beat and let it do its thing.” Similarly, they both started out by saying the first thing that came to their mind, but as they are growing with their music, they’re being more intentional about their lyrics and flow. If you loved “bag$”, eden recommends you check out another drill track produced by Meastro called, “vice”. Saint Nikk recommends his song, “babypink” with a similar, hype vibe.

Saint Nikk and eden are both using this technology age to grow their audience and reach new listeners. Here at Mezz Entertainment, we love to feature new artists and give them platforms to talk more about their background and musical process. Be sure to check out Saint Nikk and eden on Instagram! If you want to see more stories like this, be sure to follow Mezz Entertainment on all of our socials. If you would like a chance to be featured on our playlist, be sure to submit your music here!