UncuttArt is famously known for his inclusive and thought-provoking street art. His work can be seen in nearly every city across the US, and in many corners of the globe. Notably, his “ProtectYoHeART” movement and his “Unlosophy 101” series, which both celebrate self-love and self-appreciation, continue to actively engage minds, and connect souls every day. These platforms have taken on lives of their own, becoming some of the most shared street art pieces on the internet. Over the years he has collaborated with the likes of Jamie Foxx, Wyclef Jean, Def Jam Records, among others, to share his talent in various mediums across the media and entertainment industry.

With his contemporary artwork, UncuttArt primarily uses acrylic on canvas, encompassing themes ranging from pop culture to ancient tribal-inspired art. He plays elegantly with positive and negative spaces to combine various shapes to form larger images with hidden imagery throughout.

Please contact ro@mezzentertainment.com to book UncuttArt